bang bang sushi FRN 300-172

Bang Bang ~ Gaslamp


With its unique Restaurant / Nightclub combo vibe, Bang Bang is definitely a change from the typical Gaslamp experience. Give it a try next time you're downtown.


Boto Sushi ~ Del Mar


Without a doubt THE absolute best sushi in Del Mar. Gary is the MAN. Let him explore a few of the new creations for you; nothing he'll come up with is on the actual menu!

Harney FRN 300-172

Harney Sushi ~ Old Town


When you think of Old Town, you wouldn't ordinarily think of Sushi. But if you do, Harney's is your place. Unique eating experience, great sushi.


Kinoyume Sushi and Grill ~ La Jolla


Delicious food, great service and fun decor. Love the Sushi Rolls here, super fresh fish, tasty and beautifully wrapped. The Ramen and Tempura are also quite good.

kyoto-sushi FR 300-172

Kyoto Sushi ~ Midway District


Top notch service. Bilingual Chefs, which is always helpful. Some of the freshest fish I've ever tasted. Great Happy Hour specials and a very cool atmosphere.

Sushi Fish Attack FRN 300-172

Sushi Fish Attack ~ Clairemont


Try the Rainbow Roll, Hot Kiss, or the Firecracker. Their Rolls are always fresh and delicious! So fresh the shrimp in the Firecracker was still warm. Reasonable prices.

Sushi Lounge FRN 300-172

Sushi Lounge ~ Point Loma


Monday evenings are 1/2 price on selected Sushi Rolls. The Rolls are always fresh and unique. Fantastic Happy Hour. Excellent customer service.

Umi Sushi FRN 300-172

Umi Sushi ~ Shelter Island


Recommend sitting at the Sushi Bar. Be sure to try the Unagi (eel) Rolls, Rainbow Rolls, Washington Rolls and Hawaiian Rolls. Price is worth the amount of sushi.

Zen5_Sushi-FRN 300-172

Zen 5 ~ Pacific Beach


Enjoyable ambiance. Friendly wait staff. Their Sushi sauce is delish. Sushi displays are very creative and appetizing. Saki Bombs are a great way to get your drink on.