Dining Diva's "Spotlight On San Diego"

double deuce entrance

This week's "Spotlight On San Diego" is focused on The Double Deuce.

Located Downtown in the nostalgic Gaslamp Quarter.

Let me start off by saying if the owners of The Double Deuce ever consider a name change, I'd suggest they go with The Double FUN. During the day it would be considered an Eatery / Bar but after the sun goes down, it's magically transformed into a Nightclub.
We happened to be going Downtown to the Gaslamp area to visit the Farmers Market when, fortunately for us we stumbled upon this fun looking place. Our first thought was to sit outside and do a little "people watching". However, once inside we discovered seats that would also allow us to view the big screen (NFL SUNDAY) football game at the same time.
While the Double Deuce is known for their cocktails, we chose instead to stick to Beer and Mimosas.  My husband Dennis ordered the ICE COLD Blue Moon Hefeweizen, exclaiming it was served as one of the coldest beers of his life!
Dan, our Server, recommended the Moët & Chandon Champagne, Blue Moon beer, and O.J. combo. Although I was a bit hesitant at first, I do enjoy champagne / beer and orange juice, but together? Hmmm... I wasn't quite sure I wanted to go "there".
Well, let me tell you, what an awesome combination it turned out to be. The champagne was bubbly, the beer gave it a "kick" and the orange juice was the Mimosa binder, turning the drink into a Super Mimosa, which has now become a Sunday favorite.
While the menu appears relatively simple, at the same time it is also screams deliciousness. With each glorious bite I felt as if I was eating fresh, wholesome food.  The flavors just popped.
For our Brunch selection we decided on the Avocado Toast covered in fresh fruit. Slices of strawberries, blueberries, honeydew melon and pineapple waiting to be devoured. If you're anything like us and you absolutely love avocado and other fruits, then you will find this combination delicious. Not only was it extremely satisfying, but it was extra light, not heavy at all.
Dennis, being a carnivore, couldn't help himself and ordered a side of Sausage which complimented both the toast as well as the drinks.
After relaxing for about an hour we continued our trek through the Farmers Market, with the feeling of a wonderful Brunch experience fresh in our minds and eagerly looking forward to the rest of our day.



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