Dining Diva's "Spotlight On San Diego"

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This week's "Spotlight On San Diego" is focused on The Bo-beau Kitchen + Bar.

Located on the Northwestern border of Ocean Beach, this little Bohemian hideaway holds all the charm of being transported to a small Village Bistro in the South of France.

There we were, my husband Dennis and I, another Friday night and we simply couldn’t decide where we wanted to eat. As we all know, dining "out" isn't just about the food but equally important is the ambiance. The experience, as it were. And with all of the choices our wonderful City has available, it only made our choice that much more difficult.
Would it be one of the well known hotspots or something a little more low key, under the radar, with a Locals Only kind of flavor.
Almost as if on cue we looked at each other and after a long, stressful week, we both knew the last thing we needed was more stress. Which made something on the low key, close to home menu even that much more appetizing.
The Bo-beau Kitchen + Bar would be just what the doctor ordered. And immediately upon entering we knew we'd made the right choice. With its tranquil ambience, beautiful lighting and old world flavor setting the mood for what was sure to be a great experience.
Upon arrival at any restaurant we always like to relax. You know, chill out for a few minutes, connecting with our surroundings before ordering our meal (or an assortment of appetizers).
That night our Bartender was Holly, who is always personable as well as extremely knowledgeable. Recommending a nice Chardonnay with a buttery taste for me and for Dennis, a heart Hefeweizen from a local Craft brewery, Mission Brewery, located in the downtown area near Petco Park.  Both were exactly what the doctor ordered, refreshing and tasty!
Next on the agenda was something to munch on while perusing the Menu and there it was, a warm (yes, warm) mixture of various types of olives mixed with almonds, certain to blend perfectly with our choice of libation.
From there we decided to venture  down the Appetizer menu a bit further and decided on the (slices) of Pate, seasoned and spiced just right. Served with a cranberry jelly, pickled veggies, gherkin pickles, along with toasted warm French bread.
Continuing to savor the Olives and Pate, we chose the Flatbread next. With an extremely flavorful crust, it was anything but typical. Not too thin nor too dry, having a true, freshly homemade taste to it.
Covering the flatbread was a variety of shrimp, ancho chiles, avocado with kale chips sprinkled on top. Served with a garlic-lime aioli, which I ordered on the side. A definite must try if you are like me, a true Flatbread connoisseur.
With room for a little something more, nothing too heavy nor overwhelming, lthe Lobster Bisque was calling our names. Some folks like the bisque to be creamy style, this was not.  Our soup was served warm, with a Sherry and Crème Fraiche with lots of Lobster meat throughout. Deliciously satisfying is an undestatment.
Although I’m definitely a dessert kinda gal, with all we'd just experienced, there simply wasn't enough room for anything extra. Therefore dessert wasn't on the menu that night. But you know me, I’ll be back for sure (soon) and I'll start off with dessert so I can ensure dessert is included in my review.
So next time you're in the mood for something a bit more out of the way with an old world charm, why not give Bo-beau Kitchen + Bar a try. I'll bet you'll be glad you did.


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