cali-o-burgers FRN 300-172

Cali "O" Burgers ~ North Park


Specializing in organic, grass-fed beef, their burgers are flame broiled to perfection. Oh, and don't miss the "Cookies 'n Cream" milk shake. Dine in or take-out.

cold beers FRN 300-172

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers ~ Gaslamp


Great Downtown Sports Bar. Lots of burger choices and too many beer options to choose from. Excellent service, even when busy. Truly a "Gaslamp" highlight.

corvette-diner FRNN 300-172

Corvette Diner ~ Liberty Station


Still based on the 50's theme, which never gets old. Light, bright, family-friendly, over-the-top atmosphere and your kids will love you for it.

crazeeburger_FR 300-172

Crazee Burger ~ North Park


Home of the "Gourmet Burger". If not the norm is your thing, this is your place. Seemingly endless choices, right down to the bun. And beer too!

five-guys-kitchen-FRNN 300-172

Five Guys ~ Pacific Beach


Yes, Five Guys is a franchise but with that comes familiarity. As well as freshly roasted peanuts while you wait. Definitely a hit with the younger crowd.

Freddy_s_Frozen_Custard___Steakburgers_FRN 300-172

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers


While not being the biggest burger fan, I must admit that I'm a fan of their Steakburgers. Awesome Vienna dogs as well. Be sure to save room for dessert.

Hodads FRN 300-172

Hodads ~ Ocean Beach


Burgerlicious beach-vibe. A long-time Ocean Beach staple, this is old school with great flavor. Awesome Shakes and oh yeah, don't forget the onion rings.

nessy-burgers FRN 300-172

Nessy Burgers ~ Fallbrook


One of those Locals Only style hidden jewels that once you try it, you'll wonder why you hadn't heard about it before. Sort of out of the way but well worth it.

Slaters FRN 300-172

Slater's 50/50 ~ Liberty Station


Not sure if they are a Sports Bar that happens to serve great burgers or a Burger Joint with a great sports related atmosphere. Either way, you win!